"Open over night" is it free?
Yes! you can use the website for free or register for free a business, an event or a place open after midnight whether you are a customer or the owner.
Why inscriptions on "Open over night" are limited only to those operating after midnight?
We found that this type of research was poorly served by other similar websites. This is the service that "Open over night" wants to offer.
Is there any Apps for "Open over night"
Not yet but "Open over night" works actually to improve the website and create a responsive website for different platforms on computers and smart phones.
Why are there only few business, events and cities on the website?
"Open over night" was launched recently and we ask for the collaboration of the customers and owners to increase quickly the database.
Why not publish the reviews of the customers ?
Management the reviews is difficult. First, each experience of a customer is personal and subjective. Then, the reviews may not be credible or could have been issued by a competitor or an unreal customer. In addition, users now have easy access to a multitude of evaluation websites. Finally as some competing websites, "Open over night" could face prosecution for injury to reputation of a business and lose his credibility.